Painting of the Month - April 2010 · Apr 29, 06:32 AM

Nearly completed, this is the Painting of the Month for April. The photos below show a work in progress, a closeup of details, then the ‘nearly’ finished piece.

The Rockface is complete. The clients will be in to review the piece on Saturday to discuss the addition of a tree element. The original intent of the composition allowed for a pine to be placed on the third panel at the top of the rock .. small as if coming from the land beyond and behind the rockface. But I have a few other new ideas as well.

Click thumbnail to enlarge each image

  • Work in Progress
    Acrylics on Panel
    Private Commission
    18 x 54 ; 2 @ 9 x 45
  • Closeup of work in progress
    Private Commission
  • Vertical Rock Face
    Acrylics on Panel
    Installed 42 x 60
    Private Commission SOLD

— Carol Currie


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