SCULPTED PIECE in the paint studio! · Oct 3, 08:34 AM

… and for some exciting news!!! Sculpted piece is complete!

Here is our latest sculpted piece that just arrived in my studio a few weeks ago! Stu worked his ‘magic’ and has completed his relief carving to this amazing piece.

It took me some time to get a feel for the dimensional component – a wonderful challenge to paint … very different than painting on my solo unsculpted works.

Since Stu puts in so much passion into his work, my painting has to intensify and his creation. Singularly, the carving is a strong stand alone piece of art. Collaboratively, it becomes a living, tactile form.

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  • Falling Rocks
    Sculpted on Wood
    Carving Process
    Sept 10, 2010 PRIVATE COMMISSION
  • Falling Rocks
    Work in Progress
    Relief Carving on Wood
    Primed and ready for painting
    Falling Rocks
    Sculpted Painting

— Carol Currie


  1. Looks amazing….kudos to Stu for such a great job!

    Melody Madden · Sep 12, 08:06 PM · #

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