Painting by Carol Currie - Final Installation · Nov 8, 05:47 PM

This piece entitled “Life in the Boulders” was one of my favourite paintings and installations to date. The work is featured on a beautiful curved wall which can be viewed from several different locations in their home, including from their upper level.

It is a true testament to creating art to specifically accent and utilize architectural features. After discussions with the clients, and a few walls to consider, they decided that since I am known for creating multiple panels pieces to complement spaces, they chose to create a triptych to be installed on what would otherwise be a very difficult wall to place art. The dimension of the painting installed is 40” x 62” which commands this space beautifully, bringing attention to this beautiful hallway space.

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  • Life in the Boulders
    Acrylics on Panel
    40 x 60 triptych
    Private Commission
  • Life in the Boulders
    Closeup of Centre Piece
    Private Commission
  • Life in the Boulders
    Closeup of Tree
    Private Commission
  • Measuring in preparations to install the painting along this curved wall.
  • Sculptor Stu Leggett doing the final work just prior to hanging.
  • Installation of the painting, Life in the Boulders. Toronto, 2010
  • Installation in Toronto.
  • Installational view of painting as you walk down the hallway.
  • Very interesting view from the top of the staircase.
  • View of the installation as you walk down the stairs.
  • Artist Carol Currie standing beside her work.

— Carol Currie


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