Stu Leggett - A work in Progress

A Canadian working artist and sculptor, Stu Leggett’s emergency services background led him to design and implement many rural and urban high level evacuation and rescue systems – several of which still stand as the Current World Records!

In fact it was Leggett’s innovative nature, attention to detail, flexibility and interpretive abilities which initially caught the eye of Microsoft early on when in 1995 Leggett was asked to participate in the “Official Windows95 Launch” by rappelling from the CN Tower (Toronto Launch Site) while sending the inaugural and “congratulatory” email to Bill Gates during Microsoft’s Oregon Stage Show hosted by Jay Leno.

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“I have to admit, it was pretty awesome to be hanging upside-down 1,300 ft. in the air on the outside of the CN Tower doing a press-conference while emailing Bill Gates and simultaneously launching Windows95 … not to mention cuing the Rolling Stones to play ‘Start Me Up’. Sure it was 20 years ago, but it would be impossible to forget a day like that … and hey, it’s only bragging if you didn’t do it – lol!” – Stu Leggett

These and other unique qualities, experiences, and abilities have combined and driven Leggett to become a Emergency Response Expert and much sought after Contemporary Sculptor.

Below is a sampling of some interesting art and other asides … along with our

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  • Stu Leggett and latest work entitled "Isla Holbox" (#076 - 2" x 85" x 52")
  • Stu Leggett doing final sanding on "The Spirit of Georgian Bay" Acrylics on Sculpted Mahogany (#075 - 3" x 26" x 86").
  • Stu Leggett "The Spirit of Georgian Bay" primed and ready for paint! (#075 - 3" x 26" x 96")
  • Stu Leggett of CLAUSTRO Studios "The Spirits" (#070 - 1" x 42" x 65")
  • Stu Leggett starting CLAUSTRO Sculpted Painting #066 - 1" x 26" x 107".
  • claustro_gallery "Pebble Beach" CALUSTRO Sculpted Painting - Acrylics on Sculpted Mahogany (1" x 42" x 62")
  • CLAUSTRO Sculpting Painting ready for priming (#073 - 1" x 17" x 28")
  • Stu Leggett working in his studio - Sculpted Mahogany (#071 - 1" x 24" x 65") .
  • Stu Leggett beside his Newfoundland Iceberg (#076 - 1" x 36" x 66"). Pictured sculpture is completed but awaiting paint.
  • Stu Leggett Guest Lecturer - Ontario Provincial Police, 1987
  • Stu Leggett - Firefighter 1st Class - Mississauga Fire Department, 1981-1989
  • Stu Leggett first climbed and rappelled the CN Tower in 1985. In 1986 he slung a rope fro the CN Tower to Bathurst St. and safely lowered 17 people, including himself. To this day this remains as the World Record for building evacuation.
  • Stu Leggett hanging upside down on the CN Tower for the Windows 95 launch.
  • Stu Leggett on the cover of the Globe and Mail as he prepares to launch Windows95.
  • While hanging from the CN Tower in Toronto Canada, Stu Leggett sends the inaugural email to Bill Gates & Jay Leno, cuing the Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" and officially launching Windows95 platform ...
  • Because Microsoft, Nokia, and Windows95 were all in sync, Stu Leggett hanging 1,300 feet in the air from the CN Tower in Toronto was able to instantly and seamlessly send to Bill Gates during the Microsoft Launch Stage Show in Oregon with Jay Leno, what was essentially the first email ever sent on the Windows95 platform. What a day!
  • Stu Leggett on the front page of the Toronto Sun during the Windows95 Launch at the CN Tower.
  • Stu Leggett rappelling the hollow 1,000 foot centre core of the CN Tower in preparation for the scheduled Canada Day Climb on the outside of the Tower with the British Royal Marines Commandos.
  • Crew Photo - Canadian School of Rescue Training and British Royal Marines Commandos.
  • British Royal Marines, 1992
  • Stu Leggett - Cover of the July 2nd, 1992 Globe and Mail after his 1,465 ft. Record Breaking climb on the outside of the CN Tower.
  • A thank-you note from the CN Tower, 1992
  • National Search and Rescue Secretariat, 1992
  • Set in August 1994, Stu Leggett's two kilometer / 30 second World Record Zipline was officially recorded by Guinness into the 1996 Book Of Records.
  • The title page for Human Achievements that year features a photo of Stu Leggett & Peter Baldwin.
  • The World Record Zipline received its own full colour page in the 1996 Guinness Book of Records.
  • Stu Leggett plays out two kilometers of rope to a helicopter which is pulling the rope to the summit of Mount Gibraltar (Kananaskis Alberta) at a vertical height of some 930 meters.
  • Team Leader Stu Leggett hangs from the zipline before giving the thumbs up.
  • Stu Leggett & Pete Baldwin. The zipline ride took less than 30 seconds & covered a distance of two kilometres – that’s over a mile!
  • Stu Leggett and Pete Baldwin jointly set a New World Record - 2 kilometers in 30 seconds! WOW! The event aired in the UK on a special 1/2 hour segment of "Record Breakers"!
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Television), 1992
  • Stu Leggett enjoying the amazing day on Silver Peak (Killarney, Ontario) with Carol Currie ... "my partner, my wife and the love of my life".
  • ... and of course we can't forget our furry little studio assistant - Oliie :)