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March 2012
CLAUSTRO Art Exhibit
Fri, March 2, 1:41pm   Exhibitions
Poetry & Prose Reading by ROGER BELL
Sat, March 3, 2:15pm   Artist Talks
MARLENE BULAS - Art Exhibition
Fri, March 9, 6:00pm   Exhibition
Musical Performance by Local Singer/Songwriter EMILY KING
Sat, March 10, 2:34pm   Performance
Art Workshop for Adults
Sun, March 18, 10:00am   Class
HUGH NIBLOCK - Art Exhibition
Fri, March 23, 6:00pm   Exhibition
Sat, March 24, 2:00pm   Performance
JENNIFER LAWTON - Art Exhibition
Fri, March 30, 12:00am   Exhibition
Musical guest - MARLON GIBBONS
Sat, March 31, 2:00pm   Performance
April 2012
ROD PROUSE - Art Exhibition
Fri, April 13, 9:00am   Exhibition
Music Performance by Don Farquhar & John Fiddes
Sat, April 14, 2:00pm   Performance
CLAUSTRO Art Exhibit
Mon, April 16, 8:49am   Exhibition
Sat, April 21, 4:00pm   Performance
Sat, April 21, 7:00pm   Performance
SHARON NIX - Art Exhibition
Fri, April 27, 11:00am   Exhibition
Music Performance with Kyle MacDonald & Sarah Budden
Sat, April 28, 2:00pm   Performance
May 2012
JAMIE MACLEAN - Art Exhibition
Fri, May 4, 8:14am   Exhibition
Music Performance by Heath Canyon
Sat, May 5, 2:00pm   Performance
LISA - Art Exhibition
Fri, May 11, 9:00am   Exhibition
Musical Performance by Carey Worrod
Sat, May 12, 2:00pm   Performance
Fri, May 18, 9:54am   Exhibition
Music Performance by Scott Cooper
Sat, May 19, 2:00pm   Performance
Music Performance by Jacob MacMillan
Sun, May 20, 2:00pm   Performance
D.A HILL PHOTO Exhibition
Fri, May 25, 6:00pm   Exhibition
Music Performance by Sarah Calvert
Sat, May 26, 2:00pm   Performance
Sat, May 26, 7:00pm   Performance
June 2012
CLAUSTRO Art Display at Midland Cultural Centre for HCF Awards Dinner
Sat, June 2, 6:00pm   Special Events
COL MITCHELL - Art Exhibition
Fri, June 8, 6:00pm   Exhibition
Music Performance by John Fiddes & Neil Lefaive
Sat, June 9, 2:00pm   Performance
JILL PRICE - Art Exhibition
Fri, June 15, 9:18am   Exhibition
Music Performance by Kelly Davies
Sat, June 16, 2:00pm   Performance
CHRIS MACK - Photography Exhibition
Fri, June 22, 6:00pm   Exhibition
Music Performance by David Chun
Sat, June 23, 2:00pm   Performance
Evening Jazz Concert with Sarah Budden, Kyle MacDonald & Ben Young
Sat, June 23, 7:00pm   Performance
DALE DUNCAN - Art Exhibition
Fri, June 29, 6:00pm   Exhibition
Music Performance by Dylan Lock
Sat, June 30, 2:00pm   Performance
July 2012
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
Fri, July 6, 8:00am   Exhibition
September 2012
CLAUSTRO at Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada
Sat, September 8, 12:00pm   Special Events

CLAUSTRO Art Exhibit

CLAUSTRO is pleased to be exhibiting a preview of their latest sculpted paintings. The first one is entitled “Spirits of Killarney”, a 42” x 65” commission where photos of the entire carving process can be viewed at Claustro 70 . The second piece is inspired by Georgian Bay, finishing out at 24” x 65”. We will open Stuart’s carving studio to this event to share all other works in progress, including some nice small pieces.

Click thumbnail to enlarge each image

  • Spirits of Killarney, Sculpted Painting, 42 x 65, commission .. check out the glow!
  • Sculpted Painting 071 displayed as a full panel, 24 x 65, Commission.
  • The Crack
    Acrylics on Panel
    15 x 24 $950
  • Sudbury Basin Erratics
    Acrylics on Panel
    8.5 x 12 $285
  • Rock View
    Acrylics on Panel
    8 x 12 $250 SOLD
  • Rock Cairn
    Acrylics on Panel
    33 x 45 $3200 SOLD
  • Smooth Rock
    Acrylics on Panel
    12 x 27 $900 SOLD
  • Talking Erratics
    Acrylics on Panel
    24 x 36 $1900
  • View of Beach
    Acrylics on Panel
    6 x 12.5 $325 SOLD
  • Tree
    Acrylics on Panel
    8.5 x 12 $250 SOLD
  • White Rock
    Acrylics on Panel
    8 x 12.5 $250 SOLD
  • Western Islands
    Acrylics on Panel
    39 x 29 $2200
  • Peak at Dawn
    Acrylics on Panel
    33 x 45 $3200 SOLD
  • Hills
    Acrylics on Panel
    30 x 58 $4100 SOLD