Commission Process

What is so unique about the commission process is that each client gets to be a part of the work … they are a part of each step, as much or as little as they want.

Here is an example of how the reference photo(s) will be created into a sketch, and how the sketch develops into the final painting.

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  • Rockface Triptych Sketch
  • Reference Photo used for the Rockface Triptych
  • Final Painting of Rockface Triptych Installed at 57 x 113
  • Installation, Toronto ON
    Private Commission for this unique space
    20 foot ceiling entrance
    57 x 113

With a special interest in architectural design, Carol started her University Studies at Carleton in Architecture, so one of Carol’s passions is to work closely with the client and their architectural features, to create a work specifically for their space.
In fact, 70% of the work she creates is developed in this niche market she has established for her clients.

To start the commission process, a 50% retainer to secure queue.
The remaining 50% is payable upon completion, prior to shipping/delivery.

Monthly installment plans are also available for those who prefer to expand their completion date to a chosen period of months, to ease payments.
You are under no obligation to purchase the piece upon completion of the work.

The obvious advantage to commissioning artwork, is that you achieve the exact size, style and price range of piece that you want in a timely manner, rather than waiting for me to create that ‘perfect’ piece, in what may be years to come.