Testimonials from Clients

…“We are the proud owner of 3 of Carol’s paintings, the last being commissioned. Carol was an absolute joy to work with and captured exactly what we were looking for in the painting she created for us.”
Bryson and Lois McQuirter, Midland ON, Sales Representative, REMAX, 2008

…“We were amazed at what Carol did with our stairwell feature. We can view interesting features in the painting that were composed for viewing both from at the top of the stairs and from the bottom.”
Sara Lankshear, RN, PhD Releve Consulting Services www.releveconsulting.ca

… “We worked closely with Carol to develop two large works for our home in Toronto. WE took our time going through her photos and selected a few points of interest we liked. From there, Carol took our conversation to new heights and created a sketch that worked in all of our ideas. She created the piece specifically to suit our unique space, which included a very interesting ‘stepped’ triptych.”
Dr. Guylaine Lefebvre MD, Dr. Marc Lebeau, MD, Toronto, ON

This is a letter of reference for Carol Currie.  We have recently purchased her artwork and we would purchase and commission more artwork from her in the future.

We purchased one already-made painting in 2008 for $1,000 and then we commissioned a second painting in 2009 for $2,800.   Here is a summary of our experience with the commissioning process.  

  • Carol is flexible.   She was very open to customizing size, shape and colour tones to fit the needs of our house and she was flexible on the content of the painting to fit our memories of the site we had selected for her to paint.
  • She stayed on budget and produced in the time frame that she had promised.
  • There was no pressure.  We understood that we could back out if necessary. 
  • She treated me like an equal.  There was never any “starving artist desperation” nor any “prima donna condescension”.  It is obvious that Carol has a lot of inner self confidence as an artist and so does not seek reassurance from any one client.
  • Carol and Stuart are fun to be around.  My kids loved visiting the studio and felt comfortable and welcome there.

Lelia MacDonald, Toronto ON, Sept 2009

This letter is in support of Carol Currie’s services as a visual artist. I am happy to recommend Carol’s work. I recently purchased a commissioned piece from Carol, and am immensely pleased both with the finished product, and with how the creation process unfolded.

I first contacted Carol in July of 2009 regarding a painting that I hoped I could have completed by September, 2009. I presented Carol with several photographs of the type of landscape I wanted reflected in the piece. She was very receptive to this input, and based on these pictures created multiple sketches for me to consider. After selecting the sketched image that I liked the most, and agreeing on a final design, the finished painting was ready and able to be presented as a gift at the required time.

I have no hesitation about recommending Carol’s services. I find her work visually stunning, and am looking forward to working with her again in the future.
Sandy Steen B.A., B. Ed, Toronto ON, August 2009