GIFT REGISTRY · Nov 13, 10:12 AM

What better way to commemorate a special day, then to view a beautiful original painting, and remember all those who contributed to your special day.

We have opened a GIFT REGISTRY PROGRAM for people who would like to purchase a painting as a group gift for a special occasion such as a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, or Retirement.

Like any Gift Registry, the Individual registers with us, where Party Guests simply provide us with their financial contribution. All monies are pooled together to provide a Gift Certificate for a painting of the individual’s choice.

In the past, some parties have chosen an available painting to post as the artwork that monies will be going towards. This was the case in the Dow-Stembridge Wedding Registry posted in a prior blog. They had enough contributions to purchase the painting of their choice … a very meaningful painting to them entitled Driftwood. They installed their painting prominently in their dining room and are reminded daily of their beautiful wedding day and all those who contributed to their painting.

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  • Driftwood on Shore
    Acrylics on Panel
    42 x 67.5 SOLD
  • Gallery of Carol's Works in Progress
    April 17, 2010
  • Having a glass after installation in celebration of Liz and Mark's Wedding Piece.
  • Stu adjusting lights for Artwork.

— Carol Currie


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