In 2012, we were running shows every weekend with art, music and demonstration from different artists and musicians booked until late July. We were a going concern in the arts community of midland all the while working on our own full time artist careers of commissioned sculpted paintings and flat panelled paintings…creating approximately 2 very large painted bas relief sculptures, and 15 large format flat solo works. Our careers were just starting to take off, and we just mastered how to create smaller moulds of our bas relief sculptures, which would present a product that would be a smaller more affordable hand painted 3-D replica version of the large sculpture.
UNTIL ……….

Mid May 2012, I had a severe headache…debilitating…on a scale of 1-10, it was a 10 … preventing me from attending the events in may, while I lay in bed. Since we were living above the gallery in a non-sound proof century home, we were forced to cancel future shows to address the headache, which immediately progressed to numbness and tingling in the lower right leg. Within 7 days, we went to our GP and our doctor ordered a cat scan which showed a cyst type lesion, so they ordered an MRI … and that began the process of numerous doctor appointments.
By early july the headache was numbed by a variety of medications, so I felt strong enough to do exhibit my solo work at the Toronto outdoor show. The MRI was scheduled later in july and we were waiting for an appointment with a North York neurologist. So we waited. And life carried on as usual.

— Carol Currie


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