CELEBRATION TIME with the LEFT HAND · Aug 1, 07:44 PM

After dealing with the possibilty of a brain tumor in 2013, a severe tremor developed in my right hand. I thought my career was over. In 2016, once I made the decision to overcome this huge obstacle, I started practicing with my Left Hand. And it is now time to celebrate my NEW NORMAL and allow myself to think of the FUTURE … which to me, is a priviledge.

No one knows what this brain lesion will do, but the future is now, and i am ready to finally create a body of work (with a left perspective). After so many of these images were thrown to the floor in frustration, anger and sadness, thinking i would never paint again, it is now my opportunity to represent their beauty, and my left hand is up to the task.

The paintings are all dedicated to Stu … who encouraged me to open up THE file.

And finally after 2 1/2 years of practice, I finally started larger format works starting in April 2019.

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  • Peak 1 Acrylics on Panel 30 x 40 $3150
  • Peak 2 Acrylics on Panel 30 x 40 $3850 SOLD
  • Awenda 1 Acrylics on Panel 40 x 60 $5200 SOLD

— Carol Currie


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