Silver Peak, Killarney Park, September 2014 · 242 days ago

Wow … what an incredible few days in Killarney. The weather was 27 degrees so we decided to get our gear together and head out to Bell Lake Killarney and hike over 6 hours return backcountry trekking up to the Peak! Amazing!

The evenings were so warm, we didn’t even need our tent.

We have over 700 photos for our next painting series!!! Breathtaking. These are just samples of our trek.

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  • Silver Peak from Campsite on Bell Lake.
  • Canoeing to the hike up the Peak. 8am calm.
  • calm reflections bell lake
  • Ready to climb!
  • After 3 hours of hiking and a one hour upward ascent through the forest, we finally see SILVER PEAK.
  • And way off in the distance is BELL LAKE where we started our trip to the Peak.
  • Looking west from the Peak. The colours neverending!
  • Carol atop the Peak.
  • Erratics (including me).
  • Stu looking south from the erratic of the peak.
  • The dark black pitted marks from bottom left and upwards are lightening strikes !
  • White quartzite of La Cloche in a sea of reds. The reds in the foreground are blueberry bushes!
  • Beauty of life on the Peak.
  • Aaah Stu - where's your rope? Be careful!
  • HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!
  • WAY off in the distance is Georgian Bay (in the clouds). I think we are whispering sweet nothings.
  • Again, the colours astounded us!
  • Sandy Lake, Norway Lake and Killarney Lake.
  • I Love this shot of Stu, the Thinker.
  • Not sure we are going to leave. Enjoying the amazing day together.
  • The painting material is endless.
  • Grasses, moss, and stand alone tree.
  • We clambered down to get this MASSIVE pine at the edge of the cliff! Amazing life on the edge.
  • Another of my favourite trees surviving atop the peak.
  • So warm and peaceful.
  • Faces in the rock.
  • Soon we must go ... Carol soaking it all in.
  • Silver Peak in its prime.
  • From barren, to huge surviving pines.
  • Serene.
  • Barren plateau.
  • sweet.
  • 3 hours later and back on the water - still calm - 7pm.
  • More beautiful reflections as the sun sets.
  • Last morning sun at the campsite.
  • Happy Stu - after a couple days backcountry ...
  • Back in town of Killarney, we treated ourselves to Fish from the famous fish bus! Yep - I am licking my lips yum!
  • On our drive home, I sited a Bald Eagle up in the tree!!!!!!!!! First time either of us have seen one in Ontario! WOW.
  • Trying to get closer to the eagle.
  • Beautiful! We stood and watched it for a half an hour.

— Carol Currie

Pearl Mist Cruise Ship at Midland Town Dock · 297 days ago

What an arrival to Midland.

This brand new cruise ship was seen docked at Midland Town Dock and what a nice sight to see! Midland residents and businesses and Mayor Gord McKay were all very pleased to welcome the ship to town!

Visit their website at Pearl Mist Cruise

I think they need some of our beautiful Georgian Bay images in their suites!

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  • The Pearl Mist Cruise Ship at Midland Town Dock, August 2014
  • View of Midland from the upper deck of Pearl Mist Cruise Ship.
  • Pearl Mist Cruise Ship leaving Midland Town Dock.
  • Spirits of Killarney
    Acrylics on Sculpted Mahogany
    42 x 65 AVAILABLE
    Inquire about price
  • Georgian Bay Tree
    Acrylics on Sculpted Mahogany
    27.5 x 35.5 SOLD
    Finished painting.
  • Claustro Sculpted Paintings, Claustro Gallery Feb 2012

— Carol Currie

McGregor Bay Painting · 333 days ago

This painting was commissioned by a very dear friend. It is a view from her family’s cottage of McGregor Bay looking towards La Cloche mountains.

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  • Reference Photo for McGregor Bay.
  • McGregor Bay
    Acrylics on Panel
    24 x 48 Commission
  • McGregor Bay
    work in progress
  • McGregor Bay
    work in progress ... almost done.
  • McGregor Bay
    details up close
  • McGregor Bay
    up close detail of bushes
  • McGregor Bay
    close up detail of boulder
  • McGregor Bay in Claustro gallery.

— Carol Currie

Midland Public Library Acoustic Panel Artwork · 333 days ago

This reproduction of Sculpted Painting, Spirits of Killarney (see original artwork at this link), was created in cloth as an acoustic panel for Midland Public Library in accordance to John Meyer, Acoustic Engineer, of Newform Research

54.5” x 96”

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  • Cloth Acoustic Panel at Midland Public Library.
  • Cloth Acoustic Panel, Midland Public Library.

— Carol Currie

Western Islands, Georgian Bay, 42 x 108 · 409 days ago

Studied from a beautiful boat trip with the client, and followed by two overhead flights, this painting is a commission of Western Islands Georgian Bay.

Stu created a stunning seamless smooth surface wood panel for me to paint on.

Being that the painting was 42” x 108” and weighing over 90 pounds, Stu created bracing and installation anchors, both fastened to the piece, and a second matching one for the wall.

Remote Georgian Bay … The Western Islands! Located over twenty kilometres from the mainland, the Western Islands are as remote as remote gets in Georgian Bay. The Western Islands are nothing more than a lonely grouping of rocks, so far offshore that nothing else is visible but water and sky. In all directions there is only the horizon, a reminder that our time here is limited.

The first four photos are taken from the Southern Group of the Western Islands where a 45 foot lighthouse dated in 1895 stands to protect the Islands.

To view the other research trips we have taken to this location, follow these links;
Boat Trip August 2010, First flight at 7000 feet altitude March 2012, Second flight at 500 feet altitude May 2012

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  • Reference photo for sketch. Horizon and islands have changed position ... the piece will be much more dramatic than the photo.
  • Finalized sketch for Western Islands Sculpted Painting, 42 x 108
  • Western Islands
    Acrylics on Panel
    42 x 108 SOLD
  • Laminating the hanging bracket to panel.
  • laminating two braces on the back for hanging.
  • Lower under plastic, is the wood panel for painting, and above the plastic is the hanging bracket for the wall.
  • First application of paint!!!
  • Western Islands (left painting) all blocked in with first coats of paint.
  • Stu and Geoff positioning the piece for the photo shoot.
  • Western Islands, CLOSEUP
  • Western Islands, CLOSEUP
  • Western Islands, CLOSEUP
  • Approaching the Lighthouse of the Western Western Islands. Seriously, that's what they are called.
  • Seriously, it looks like something in the Carribean, or the Mediterranean .. but it's Georgian Bay! Okay, the water was a little colder.
  • And yes, HUGE trees finding growth amongst this harsh landscape and winds.
  • Western Islands
  • And as we circle the Westerns, no sight of land in the distance. So wonderfully remote.
  • Another Island we have yet to explore by land .. but I hear it's a beauty too!
  • Closer yet, and you can still see the lighthouse.

— Carol Currie