Western Islands Georgian Bay with B.P. Flight out of Huronia Airport · Mar 25, 05:58 PM

Okay … so Monday March 19, 2012 was indeed a very exciting day for Stu and I! Yes, Stu has ALOT more experience in small aircraft than I do, having had over a dozen flights in floatplanes, small aircraft, and helicopters … and as for me, I have had ZERO experience in aircrafts other then the big jets (which I love). But we both love to fly, so I was so excited to share my first small aircraft flight experience with him.

And the man that Stu is, he gave me the front seat in this 4 person Cessna 172 built in 1977 so I could really enjoy the experience. Our flight came from B.P. Flight Training, and our pilot, Devin, provided us with a tremendous experience! Devin came from Parry Sound to fly us out of Huronia Airport located just outside of our hometown, Midland Ontario.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to hear that I could fly with the window open so I could get some great open photos of our flight experience. That was an added bonus for me … to feel the wind! Although, I hadn’t come prepared, so didn’t have a hair tie … but Stu, the innovative guy that he is, fixed my hair with my lens cap holder. Classic.

Our destination was to circle the Western Islands of Georgian Bay (a remote group of Islands 20 km from any shore) … and a place where we were taken to by boat a couple summers ago, by a great group of amazing people who cottage at Thunder Beach. It was a very inspiring place for us at that time … and while there, we saw a white floatplane circle the Islands, and thought, wouldn’t that be amazing? So we booked a flight and took the opportunity to fly this March … too early however for floatplanes, so we took the Cessna 172 and just said, LET’S GO FOR IT!

Flying at a cruising speed of 95 knots (which is about 176 kph), we arrived at the Western Islands within 20 minutes … and were able to circle the Islands three times before heading back. Flying at 7000 ft ASL gave us a great perspective of just how remote these Islands are from mainland. More shocking was all the shoals that became very obvious from that height. Much respect to our captain that day we travelled by boat. Great job!

So yep, I am hooked on flying for sure – as I thought I would be – Stu of course, was in his element too – and we are both looking forward to getting out again in either a floatplane or chopper … oh so sweet that would be.

And a very exciting part of the flight home was that Devin let me take the yoke (steering wheel) and learn a little about flying … I found out quickly just how sensitive the plane is to very little movement of the yoke … very interesting.

We lucked out on a gorgeous, calm day – no clouds out, and only little on our return … no ice out on Georgian Bay … and 26 degrees celcius … yeah, mid-march, in northern ontario!

But moving that yoke on a calm day, gave me appreciation for how it would feel to fly in inclement weather.

Ah yes, in our glory!

The last photo shows a painting I have available of a study that was done of the Western Islands after our boating trip.

And if you would like to see more photos of our boating trip, view our Blog link

BOTH AMAZING DAYS! Thank you to our Thunder Beach friends, and Thank you Stu – I am one lucky girl!

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  • Arrival at the Huronia Airport in Midland Ontario!
  • Carol Currie, all ready to go ... just waiting for the plane to arrive from Parry Sound.
  • And here he comes now ... coming in for a landing to pick us up!
  • Da plane! Getting ready to climb on!
  • Pilot, Devin, confirms on a map the direction of our flight path ... that's me in the front seat on the left.
  • Stu takes a photo of Devin and I just before take off.
  • Stu Leggett ready for flight! Handsome Boy!
  • Our Pilot, Devin, giving us some final instructions (ie, how to do up your seat belt!)
  • And we are taking off!
  • After a quick and smooth take off, this was my first photo taken at 2700 feet of Collingwood.
  • And our first view of Beckwith, Hope and Christian Island.
  • The Beaches of Giant's Tomb! Looks like the caribbean!
  • Giant's Tomb with Beckwith, Hope and Christian Islands in the distance. Stunning!
  • A surreal view of Beckwith, Hope and Christian Island.
  • Our first glimpse of the Western Islands ... our destination approaching. Now flying at 7000 ft.
  • An even more surreal photo of the Western Islands. The variance in colours in the water makes it appear as it the Islands are floating in ice with shadows.
  • Western Islands, again appearing more like shadowing boulders on ice...but this is open water.
  • Aerial view of the obvious shoals that all boaters want to avoid. Crazy! And keep in mind, this is over 20km OFFSHORE!
  • Manoeuvering over The Western Islands. Check out the Orange Lichen!
  • The Western Islands. Two summers ago, we anchored at the bottom Island ...next photo will show a closeup of the Island.
  • Closeup of our anchorage on the bottom left side of the Island...see a land view next photo.
  • Boulders of the Western Islands
  • And now for the very exciting part - Devin let me fly the plane ... so here, he is giving me some brief instructions.
  • Yep - I am FLYING!
  • Really .. those are my hands flying the plane!
  • And Stu wasn't even nervous about Devin handing over the wheel ... he is still smiling happy!
  • Yes that's a lens cap in my hair ... I didn't come prepared with a hair tie ... so Stu improvised. I didn't realize I was going to be able to hang out the window to take photos! Yeah.
  • And there we are, flying alongside the clouds. Stunningly surreal.
  • This one was even more surreal as it floated right next to us.
  • But alas, we had to return. After over an hour's flight, there was Huronia Airport again. Sigh.
  • In for what would be a VERY SMOOTH landing. Great job Devin! What a gorgeous day!
  • After the amazing flight, Stu and I went to sit at Balm Beach to get a different view of Collingwood ... a calm and balmy 26 degrees on March 19, 2012!
  • Balm Beach. On a record breaking day in so many wonderful ways.
  • Just look at the reflections of those clouds in the water.
  • Panoramic View of Balm Beach after our flight March 19, 2012. What a day! We are so fortuneate to live here!
  • Western Islands
    Acrylics on Panel
    39 x 29 $2200

— Carol Currie


  1. Wow!! Great pics kids. What stunning views from the air. If I am lucky when I fly into TO from Edmonton on a clear day, I get some of that view. Beautiful.

    Mark · Mar 26, 01:20 PM · #

  2. How magnificent and how envious am I…this is 1 of the so called bucket list items. Love your web site and all you are doing….truly putting Midland and The Arts on the map…we’ll catch up :-)

    Sheila Cutler · Mar 26, 02:20 PM · #

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