Non Dominant Hand Work (intermanual transfer) ... Painting from both hands ... Due to tremor · Oct 11, 03:33 PM

So, this is the latest attempt from my LEFT HAND in direct comparison to my RIGHT HAND work. After nearly 9 months of practice.

This was a commission from someone who saw my old right hand works from 2009, but rather than purchasing a print, he asked for an original.

Having no use of my right hand due to a severe tremor, I took on the challenge to see if I could replicate the piece with the left hand, and give the hand and brain more training.

The left hand still takes up alot of energy so most days i can only paint an hour or two without exhaustion. But that’s an improvement from 6 months ago, where a half hour was all i could do.

I think this is encouraging.

Click thumbnail to enlarge each image

  • TOP (right hand), BOTTOM (left hand)
  • Comparison of Right Hand (left side0, vs LEFT HAND (on right)

— Carol Currie


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