Piece #066 - SCULPTED PAINTING - Inspired by Killarney's tall cliffs

This beautifully tall piece finishing at 26” x 107” is a work still in progress as of May 2011. We welcome visitors to see this work while it remains in our studios as a work in progress until mid-June 2011.

Just call ahead to make a viewing appointment.

It is a commissioned piece for a 22’ tall open concept stairwell in Toronto Ontario.

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  • Reference Photo for Sculpted Piece #066. View from the Crack in Killarney.
  • Sketch of Tall Sculpted piece
  • Truck loaded with raw lumber to be milled at our local Timbrmart
  • That's one huge HEAVY pile of lumber! Unloaded from the Truck to Timbrmart
  • It was a tremendous help to us to have all the lumber milled with great precision from the expertise team at Timbrmart! Thank you guys!
  • Lumber being cut from large planks to 2 inch pieces.
  • From large boards, now to manageable 2 x 2 pieces, the wood is milled further to provide a join edge for laminating.
  • See what I mean? This expert team checked each piece to ensure quality cuts.
  • Masses of mahogany - all milled and ready to be magically turned into sculpted paintings! That's enough wood there for the next two years of works ... GET IN LINE ... celebrate!
  • Stu brushing the epoxy resin on to the mahogany strips.
  • The piece is clamped and the curing process has begun. The piece will stay in the clamps for several days.
  • Once the panel is wetted out with epoxy, Stu fits in the braces.
  • Toothpicks are used to carefully set each brace properly within the channel just prior to the epoxy kicking.
  • After laying out the large sketch to scale on the wood, the Carving process begins, 26" x 104"
  • Stu carving Sculpted Painting
  • Stu carving tallest Sculpted work, 26" x 104", Private Commission
  • 26 x 104 Tall sculpted commission, carving in progress
  • Closeup of Stu carving the tree, tall 104 inch Private Commission
  • Stu detail carving tree, May 2011
  • Low lighting allows stu to get a feel for the relief while he carves.
  • Carving just before coating process, May 2011.
  • Photo taken from the top of the piece.
  • Another cool photo taken from the top of the painting, showing off the depths of the boulder and the what will be the background mountains.
  • Closeup of the tree carved May 2011.
  • PIece #066 epoxy coated for moisture protection, May 27, 2011
  • Photo of #066 Sculpted Piece epoxy coated - photo taken from top of piece.
  • Closeup of Tree showing the final epoxy coating - I just love the beautiful grain of the mahogoany!
  • Tall Sculpted Painting, READY to paint! July 2011
  • Tall Sculpted Painting, primed in Gallery, ready for paint, July 2011
  • Carol painting the sky of the Tall Sculpted Painting. Gallery, Midland, July 2011
  • Tall 26 x 107 Sculpted Painting, Work in Progress, July 2011
  • Closeup of the top of the Tall Sculpted Painting, Work in Progress, July 2011
  • Tall Sculpted Piece Work in Progress, Gallery, July 2011
  • To show its height, check out Stu holding this 80 pound sculpted painting, while I take photos.
  • Tree Carving Closeup Before painting
  • Closeup of Carved Tree Painted of sculpted painting entitled, Balancing Boulder, July 2011.
  • Closeup of the boulder at the top of Sculpted Painting entitled 'Balancing Boulder', July 2011
  • Hallway taken from Entranceway, BEFORE installation of the sculpted painting.
  • Hallway taken from entrance AFTER sculpted painting was installed.
  • Balancing Boulder
    Sculpted Painting
    26 x 107
    Private commission, July 2011
  • Artists, Stu and Carol, in front of the installed Sculpted Painting entitled "Balancing Boulder", 2011
  • Balancing Boulder
    Sculpted Painting
    Installation July 2011