Piece #074 - SCULPTED PAINTING - Inspired by Western Islands, Georgian Bay

This 42” x 108” sculpted painting is available for purchase.

The back aluminum plate is ready to go … all we need is a purchaser for this magnificent piece to see the vision through. Use this panel for a Western Island piece, or use your own photos as a commissioned sculpted painting.

Remote Georgian Bay … The Western Islands! Located over twenty kilometres from the mainland, the Western Islands are as remote as remote gets in Georgian Bay. The Western Islands are nothing more than a lonely grouping of rocks, so far offshore that nothing else is visible but water and sky. In all directions there is only the horizon, a reminder that our time here is limited.

The first four photos are taken from the Southern Group of the Western Islands where a 45 foot lighthouse dated in 1895 stands to protect the Islands.

To view the other research trips we have taken to this location, follow these links;
Boat Trip August 2010, First flight at 7000 feet altitude March 2012, Second flight at 500 feet altitude May 2012

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  • Approaching the Lighthouse of the Western Western Islands. Seriously, that's what they are called.
  • Seriously, it looks like something in the Carribean, or the Mediterranean .. but it's Georgian Bay! Okay, the water was a little colder.
  • And yes, HUGE trees finding growth amongst this harsh landscape and winds.
  • Western Islands
  • And as we circle the Westerns, no sight of land in the distance. So wonderfully remote.
  • Another Island we have yet to explore by land .. but I hear it's a beauty too!
  • Closer yet, and you can still see the lighthouse.
  • Reference photo for sketch. Horizon and islands have changed position ... the piece will be much more dramatic than the photo.
  • We first start the piece with getting a back aluminum plate milled.
  • Aluminum hanging brackets being milled.
  • Back Aluminum Brackets being measured before being permanently fixed to the backplate.
  • Aluminum Backplate in Milling Shop.
  • Closeup of Aluminum Backplate, 42 x 108.
  • 42 x 108 Aluminum Backplate for Sculpted Painting 074 .. heading in the studio.
  • Stu prepping back Aluminum Plate for Sculpted Piece 074.
  • "The Spirit of Georgian Bay' Sculpted Mahogany (3" x 26" x 86"). "The Western Islands" is on the table! (1" x 42" x 109")
  • Stu laying out wood setup for gluing.

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