Piece #070 - SCULPTED PAINTING - Spirits of Killarney

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Completed in March 2012, 42” x 65”, entitled, Spirits of Killarney, I developed this composition 5 years before production so it was surreal to finally see it come to completion. Inspired from Killarney Provincial Park near the infamous Group of Seven location, The Crack.

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  • Spirits of Killarney
    Acrylics on Sculpted Mahogany
    42 x 65
  • Reference Photo for Sculpted Painting 070, Killarney 42 x 65
  • Sketch for Sculpted Painting 070, Killarney 42 x 65, Private Commission
  • Beautiful evening at the first event held at our new MCC in Midland.
  • MC of the Philanthropy awards, Jacques Brunet, did a fantastic job!
  • A view from the balcony.
  • Love this photo ... the piece is so surreal and serene in its setting.
  • Just after cutting all mahogany pieces to length prior to laminating, Piece 070
  • Sculpted Piece 070, just prior to glue up, see clamping system behind table.
  • After many tedious hours sanding, Stu flattens the surface of Sculpted Painting 070
  • Worth every hour of sanding ... beautiful surface on 070. Ready to layout the drawing and start carving!
  • Sculpted Piece 070
    In the carving studio, early stages. Note the scaled sketch on the back wall.
  • Sculpted Piece 070
    Stu working out details with carving. October 2011.
  • Sculpted Piece 070
    Closeup of early stages carving, October 2011
  • Sculpted Piece 070
    Stu coating the piece after every day of carving.
  • Sculpted Piece 070
    Stu dusting off the piece after carving
    42 x 65 Private Commission
  • Sculpted Piece 070
    Carving in Progress
    October 2011
    42 x 65 Private Commission
  • Carving in Progress, Sculpted Piece #070
  • Right to Left side of Sculpted Piece 070, late carving stage
  • Closeup of the top left corner of Sculpted Piece 070, carving
  • Left to right side of Sculpted Piece 070, late carving stage
  • Cool angle shot of carving stage of Sculpted Piece 070
  • Stu laying on the final epoxy coatings to Sculpted Piece 070
  • Stu laying on the final coats of epoxy to Sculpted Piece 070
  • Final coatings of Sculpted 070, with Sculpted 071 sketch on wall behind.
  • Sculpted Piece 070 at final coatings, December 2011.
  • Sandblasting final epoxy coats to smooth the surface in preps for painting, Sculpted Piece 070
  • So close to the completion of the final coating process, Sculpted Piece 070
  • Sculpted Piece 070, in the gallery and ready to paint!
  • Stu doing some final touches on Sculpted Piece 070 in the gallery.
  • Stu inspecting Sculpted Piece 070 - with a painted blue sky!
  • Stu giving Sculpted Piece 070 a THUMB's UP!
  • Sculpted Piece 070 with a first coat of painted blue sky ... what a change already!
  • Sculpted Piece 070 in the Claustro Gallery space.
  • Profile of first coats of painting on Sculpted Painting 070.
  • First coat of Acrylics on Piece #070 ... a technique called 'blocking in'.
  • Sculpted Piece 070, first coats of paint! YEAH!
  • Carol painting Sculpted Piece 070 in nice low-light gallery lighting ... very dramatic. This angle shows the magnitude of the piece.
  • "Action shot" of Carol blocking in the first coats of colour.
  • Happy Times Painting Sculpted Piece 070!
  • First coats completed!
  • Sculpted Piece 070
    Some detail work completed after week one's progress thus far!
  • Sculpted Painting 070, work in progress, hanging at CLAUSTRO gallery January 2012
  • Sculpted Piece 070, moving along, tightening in on details.
  • Sculpted Piece 070 as of January 19, 2012
  • last minute change of heart - i decided i didn't like the colours so re-painted the piece to black and white...ok, just kidding folks.
  • Sculpted Piece 070, creating the darkened drop off the cliff at the bottom.
  • Sculpted Piece 070 as of January 21, 2012
  • Sculpted Painting 070 the nigh of January 25, 2012 ... coming along!
  • Gallery prepped for Private Function January 28, 2012
  • Spirits of Killarney, Sculpted Painting, 42 x 65, commission .. check out the glow!
  • Sculpted Piece 070, work in progress ... very cool shadows created by the sculpture on the wall!
  • CLAUSTRO Sculpted Piece #070, painting underway!
  • Rob Reader from the Explorer's Cafe came over for a look see of the Sculpted Painting ... thumb's up!
  • Work in Progress of sculpted painting 070 as of Feb 3rd, 2012 ... mere days away from completion now!
  • Artist Carol Currie detail painting Sculpted Painting 070.
  • Carol detail painting Sculpted Piece 070 in the gallery space at night ... great focused lighting.
  • Stu Leggett of CLAUSTRO Studios "The Spirits" (#070 - 1" x 42" x 65")
  • And as per usual, there's our cat, Oliver (a.k.a. Ollie Woggy), looking onward at the painting, giving his approval ... obviously a calming piece for him as he slept ALL DAY while I painted.
  • Superbowl Sunday's job - adding the tree - top right.
  • With only 3 paint days left to completion ...
  • Closeup view of the Tree.
  • Progress on Sculpted Painting 070 after Febraury 5, 2012.
  • A 'top' view of Sculpted Painting 070, February 5, 2012.
  • Sculpted Painting 070, now completed and entitled, Spirits of Killarney, now on display at Claustro Gallery, Feb 12, 2012
  • Sculpted Painting 070, just prior to a final protectant coating, installed at Claustro Gallery.
  • Stu with client loading the painting into the truck to install at the client's home.
  • At the Client's home, with art in the truck, we inspect the wall with one very happy client!
  • With all the tools inside, we are ready for the painting. At 114 pounds, Stu needed some help. Mike was more than willing and able.
  • Lift ... and ... go! carefully!
  • Just a few more steps .. and this is the last time I will see the painting outdoors ... bitter sweet.
  • Ahh ... after the 'big lift', the painting safely rests in front of the wall until Stu installs the hanging brackets.
  • A neat upward perspective of the sculpted painting.
  • Final installation of Sculpted Painting, Spirits of Killarney, 42 x 65.
  • Absolutely perfect!
  • The sculpted painting looks absolutely tremendous in this beautiful home.
  • Killarney
    Original Acrylics on Sculpted Cast
    20 x 30 $1950
  • Killarney
    Acrylics on Sculpted Cast
    20 x 30 $2700