Piece #076 - SCULPTED PAINTING - Iceberg - SOLD


More description to follow.

The piece will finish out at 36 × 66.

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  • Iceberg
    Reference photo
    36 x 66 Private Commission
  • Iceberg in Carol's Studio - getting ready to paint! Does anyone see the woman leading the ship?
  • Iceberg, Sculpted Painting, 36 x 66, as viewed on wall.
  • Iceberg, Sculpted Painting, 36 x 66
  • Installation of Iceberg
  • silhouette of sculpture
  • Iceberg, Sculpted Painting, 36 x 66
  • Lighting in evening.
  • Iceberg in evening light.
  • Iceberg in glowing light.
  • uplight
  • Final protective coatings on the Sculpted Painting of Iceberg.
  • Closeup of sculpted painting.
  • outdoor glow of light.
  • getting ready to install.
  • casting light from sky
  • Iceberg, Sculpted Painting, 36 x 66
  • Iceberg, Sculpted Painting, 36 x 66
  • Iceberg, Sculpted Painting, 36 x 66, dramatic lighting
  • Iceberg, Sculpted Painting, WIP
  • Almost done!
  • WORK IN PROGRESS, Iceberg, 36 x 66
  • Work In Progress, Iceberg, 36 x 66
  • Iceberg almost done - in studio!
  • Work in Progress, Iceberg, 36 x 66
  • Photo opp before the paint is applied! Claustro duo.
  • First coats sky and water. Wow!
  • First coats of paint on Iceberg!
  • First coats, sky and water.
  • First coats of paint on iceberg.
  • Sheesh, another layer to sand again. Poor Stu - so much sanding to get to the final finish.
  • Projected image onto carving.
  • Stu added some pigment to the epoxy coating to get a feel for the carving. Very creative and pretty just like this!
  • Carving is softening and getting refined.
  • Cutting mahogany for glue up.
  • Mahogany ready to go for a 'dry run of glue up'.
  • Back aluminum support plate the glue will be epoxied to.
  • Aluminum back plate and brackets. Cleaning to prepare for gluing.
  • After clean and set up, labelling of plate parts prior to glue up.
  • Closeup up all plate parts. So much work even before glue up.
  • Back aluminum plate wet out with glue to receive mahogany.
  • One by one, each mahogany strip is epoxied and laid on the aluminum plate.
  • Mahogany placed on the aluminum plate and now to add brace clamps to set.
  • Each brace clamp is secured to mahogany and plate to ensure it remains flat with pressure.
  • Clamps are secured at the middle and ends. Creating a flat panel is no easy task.
  • Full glue and clamp setup. Epoxy will need to set for 48 hours before unclamping.
  • Nice job Stu!
  • Now - ready to unclamp - Stu first removes each bolt.
  • Once the clamps are off, Stu releases the plastic and checks the panel out ... Success!
  • THE panel!
  • Stu flips the panel over to show the aluminum back side to trim the excess mahogany.
  • Trimming the excess wood to make a perfect 36 x 66 panel, finished to the aluminum plate.
  • Panel and jig is now ready and set up to start carving.
  • Ready to go!
  • Projecting image to carving table.
  • Another projected image onto the wood, to show what will be carved.
  • Showing water line in red.
  • Set up for cutting jig.
  • Stu tapes out iceberg image to mark his cuts.
  • And the cutting starts.
  • First cuts on the sky.
  • Vacuuming the first cuts on the sky.
  • Measuring the depth of the first cut.
  • Round two ... going deeper.
  • The sky may just be done.
  • Vacuuming to see if it's a deep enough cut before moving on.
  • Nice work.
  • Now for the water.
  • Yep - Stu's happy with the depth.
  • Sky meets water, and now to start carving the iceberg.
  • Image superimposed on the carving.
  • Stu sanding out carving of the iceberg.
  • End of day carving so will start coating the piece with epoxy.
  • Epoxy coating on sky and water leaving iceberg proud.
  • Ready to start sanding again.
  • Easy part sanded ... now for the detail sanding.
  • Stu sanding.
  • Stu detail sanding while on the wall. Not as 'back-breaking'.
  • Installing on the wall allows Stu to step back and see his work. Great job so far Stu!
  • Back on the table, Stu sandblasts to rough sand the smaller areas.
  • Nice profile.
  • Fine sanding the piece with sand.
  • Stu shaping the carving.
  • Stu carving - taken from the projector room.
  • Stu shaping and carving.
  • Stu carving refining carving of Iceberg.
  • Refining the carving.
  • Carving peaks and valleys of the Iceberg flow.
  • more carving detail before it softens.
  • Fine detail work.
  • Getting in all the nooks.
  • Sanding.
  • Iceberg hazed in.
  • Iceberg, Carving, Work in Progress
  • Iceberg getting sandblasted between coats of epoxy.
  • Closeup of smoothenin edges from sandblasting and hand sanding.
  • After vacuuming the sand off.
  • Stu applying the many layers of coatings to start to get the rounded edges.
  • Final detail shaping.
  • Final shaping of the last heavy resin coatings.
  • Shaping details of the left side.
  • Final raw wood carving stage!
  • Closeup of carving right side.
  • Superimposed photo on sculpture.
  • Last sanding, looking smooth!
  • Closeup of carving left side.
  • Superimposed photo onto the sculpture!
  • Carol checking the sculpture out. "Okay, I approve. I think I can paint it.", says Carol. Of course I can, it's gorgeous!
  • The LAST sanding coat. Looks awesome!
  • Nice lighting - you can see all the beautiful shapes.
  • No Mask means last light sand. You did it Stu!
  • Seems that all that sanding and coating created more beautiful shapes.
  • Stunning. I can't wait to paint it.
  • Stu Leggett beside his Newfoundland Iceberg (#076 - 1" x 36" x 66"). Pictured sculpture is completed but awaiting paint.
  • Iceberg just before painting in Carol's Upper Gallery/Studio.
  • Iceberg just before painting in Carol's upper gallery/studio.
  • Iceberg in Carol's Studio. HAPPY DAYS!!
  • Here goes .......
  • No stopping Carol now!
  • Iceberg
    Acrylics on Studio Cast
    10 x 20 $450 SOLD
  • Ice
    Acrylics on Sculpted Casting
    10 x 20 $650
  • Iceberg
    Acrylics on Studio Casting
    10 x 20 $975 SOLD
  • Iceberg
    Acrylics on Studio Casting
    10 x 20 $975
  • Iceberg
    acrylics on Studio Casting
    10 x 20 $975

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