Piece #068 - Georgian Bay Tree

This piece was inspired by Willisville Mountain overlooking The North Channel and Freud Lake. The piece will is 27.5 × 35.5, completed September 2013.

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  • Reference Photo for Sculpted Painting 068, Willisville, Private Commission
  • Sketch for Sculpted Painting 068, Private Commission
  • Georgian Bay Tree
    Acrylics on Sculpted Mahogany
    27.5 x 35.5 SOLD
    Finished painting.
  • Georgian Bay Tree
    Mood lighting
    Acrylics on Sculpted Mahogany
    27.5 x 35.5 SOLD
    Finished Painting
  • Stu carving Sculpted Piece 068.
  • Stu carving Sculpted Piece 068, 2011
  • Sculpted Piece 068 with a coating of epoxy on the front carving.
  • Stu working on final details.
  • Final sanding before last epoxy coats.
  • Stu brushing off the piece prior to epoxy coating.
  • Ready for epoxy.
  • Stu vacuuming all dust from the piece.
  • Mood lighting of the carving.
  • Gorgeous lines!
  • Final epoxy coat - darkened with a black dye.
  • Another angle ... all the highs of the carving are light brown and the lows are black.
  • Carol fine sanding after grey primer was applied.
  • Primer hand sanded. Will take a couple more coats yet.
  • Closeup of carving with primer. Nice shapes.
  • Closeup of the profile of the piece.
  • Carol wetting out the piece with final epoxy layer.
  • Final Primer coat on the piece.
  • Another view of final primer coat.
  • Carol doing the final sanding on the piece before starting to paint.
  • Primed and in the paint studio!
  • Sky is done and first layer of colour.
  • Starting to put a second coat on right rocks.
  • Tree is done, still working on the Rocks.
  • Tree
    Sculpted painting
    WIP nearly done in Carol's studio.